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Why Do Some LASIK Patients Need a Retreatment?

Why Do Some LASIK Patients Need a Retreatment? The purpose of LASIK is to use a special laser to reshape the cornea that can eliminate the need for a person’s corrective eye prescription. If a person is nearsighted the cornea is too round for their eye. So we need to microscopically “flatten” their cornea, so… Read More »

Do you need to buy expensive sunglasses?

Do you need to buy expensive sunglasses? The good news is that wearers don’t need to shell out big bucks or sacrifice fashion to protect their peepers. As long as the sunglasses are labeled as having UVA and UVB protection, wearers will get the same protection whether the sun specs are a $5 pair from… Read More »

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo Performs His 160,000th LASIK Surgery

NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 2014 — Dello Russo Laser Vision, a leading LASIK practice on the East Coast, announced today that the pioneer of eye laser surgery, Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, performed his 160,000th LASIK procedure today in New Jersey. Dr. Dello Russo has personally performed 160,000 laser vision correction procedures, making him among the… Read More »

What if I blink during LASIK?

In general, you won’t. If treated by a skilled surgeon he will allow your surgery to take place in a very relaxing atmosphere. You may be offered a medication by mouth to make you more comfortable. During an eye laser surgery you will not feel any pain since your eyes will be made numb by… Read More »